2017 NFL Draft Prospects: Interior Offensive Line

This post covers my preliminary rankings of the top interior offensive linemen (guards and centers) entering the 2017 NFL Draft. For analysis of the respective rankings of certain prospects, see the corresponding footnotes (+).

1. Dan Feeney (Indiana) | 6’4 305(+)
2. Forrest Lamp (Western Kentucky) | 6’3 300
3. Dorian Johnson (Pittsburgh) | 6’5 300 (++)
4. Tyrone Crowder (Clemson) | 6’2 340
5. Taylor Moton (Western Michigan) | 6’5 325 (+++)
6. Danny Isadora (Miami) | 6’4 310
7. Damien Mama (USC) | 6’3 325
8. Nico Siragusa (San Diego St) | 6’4 330

(+) Feeney is my clear #1 OG prospect. I love his combination of power, toughness and agility. He is arguably the best prospect of any offensive lineman at consistently holding blocks and creating clean lanes on run plays. He’s very likely to be a late first or early second round draft selection in the upcoming draft.

(++) Johnson’s apparent athleticism (arguably best among the interior lineman) is intriguing, but more work needs to be done to assess his ability to hold blocks and drive defenders on run plays. If he proves to be a sound and powerful technician, he should also garner late first or early second round consideration. If not, he’s more likely to be a late second to third round selection.

(+++) Most consider Moton an OT prospect at this point. However, I believe his best position will be guard at the next level because of his build and lack of functional mobility in his drop step on pass plays. However, that deficiency can be masked with a move inside and he otherwise dispays a good combination of mobility and power to develop into a starting OG at the next level.

1. Ethan Pocic (LSU) | 6’6 310 (+)
2. Pat Elein (Ohio St) | 6’2 300
3. Tyler Orlosky (West Virginia) | 6’3 295
4. Kyle Fuller (Baylor) | 6’4 310

(+) At 6’6, there may be some concern about Pocic’s ability to play with consistent leverage against interior defensive linemen at the next level. But Pocic otherwise offers a strong blend of mobility, power and technique to garner late first or early second round consideration.


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